Welcome to our “green” test! How much eco-friendly are you?

Do you recycle?

At the supermarket, do you use plastic bags or you bring your own duffel bag?

Do you buy biological products (food, but also products for body care and cleaning)?

When you buy food, do you check where it comes from?

How many times do you eat meat during the week?

Do you turn off the light when leaving a room?

If you could choose, would you use car or bicycle?

Do you know what microplastics are?

Are you worried about climate change?

Wow! You are definitely a green person, and the environment is your best friend! Continue like that, you are an inspiration for all of us.
Not so bad...but you can do much better! You are sensible to environmental problems, but they are not always a priority for you. With a bit more of effort, you could do a really big favor to our planet.
Mmmm... looks like you never heard about environment before and that you don’t like so much the green color. But don’t worry! It’s never too late to change!
You must answer all the questions

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